Our Autistic and ADHD Child Supervision for Brisbane-area Locals

Left of Centre Therapies are proud to offer ADHD and autistic supervision from our Caboolture clinic, providing parents and carers with further support and guidance. Our support workers are well-versed in supervising children who are on the autism spectrum or have been diagnosed with ADHD, assisting with their day-to-day needs and supporting their wellbeing and growth.


Left of Centre Therapies are ideally positioned to provide this sort of support and supervision, given that we have conducted extra training in therapy for developmental conditions. Reach out to us today to find out more about our autism and ADHD supervision, or our other services for similar developmental conditions.


Autistic child supervision in Caboolture

Children on the autism spectrum have a rich inner world, often being incredibly creative and talented. Our support workers offer autistic child supervision in the Brisbane area to parents and carers wanting to bring out the best in their child.


We work according to your child’s strengths and talents, while also encouraging their social development. This will help your child develop the skills necessary to make new friends, perform better in school, and make the most of their natural abilities. We also understand that autistic children can be very sensitive to sensory overload, taking extra measures to ensure any sounds, sights, smells or other triggers are managed appropriately so as not to upset your child.


If you have been looking for autistic supervision near Brisbane, Caboolture’s Left of Centre Therapies will be able to help. We also offer autistic services for adults in need of some further guidance and support - whatever your family’s situation may be, reach out to Left of Centre Therapies for a personalised solution.


ADHD child supervision in Caboolture

Are you looking for additional ways to support your child with ADHD? Left of Centre Therapies offer ADHD child supervision at our Caboolture clinic, assisting your child with day-to-day activities. These services will support your child in their social life, academic performance as well as personal wellbeing and safety, while making the most of their natural talents and abilities.


Those who are interested in learning more about ADHD and autism may also wish to look into our workshops and training programs on the subject. You can also find out more about the NDIS services and occupational therapy we offer if that is something you or your loved one could benefit from.