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Meet our psychology team

Allison Haynes (She/Her)


Allison is an Autistic/ADHD Psychologist and a psychology board approved supervisor, and is registered as an endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist. She owns Left of Centre Therapies, a Neurodiverse Affirmative therapy service. Her passion lies with education and support using this paradigm. Her belief is that Neurodivergence is not a disorder, rather a natural variation of the human species, and as such, do not expect or hope for her clients and the clients of Left of Centre to become neurotypical.

Allison’s dream of owning a centre such as LOC was born from her frustration around looking for services for her son when he was diagnosed Autistic when as a child. While services are improving, Allison believes there is a long way to go to help ND people feel seen, accepted and accommodated in our society.

With the opening of Left of Centre, Allison’s dream grew from not only supporting ND individuals, but by creating a workplace that is actively working on becoming ND affirmative, welcoming and supportive as well. Allison and her management team pride themselves on building a workplace that is a flexible, supportive work environment.

While Allison does not see clients herself anymore, she supervises the staff at LOC, as well as providing education to group practices, medical and education settings, and the general public.

Amy (She/Her)


Amy is a Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies.

Amy is a Board-approved Supervisor.

Amy enjoys supporting clients presenting with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, PDA, and trauma. She is passionate about helping to empower female clients, assisting them to understand and accept their authentic selves, and work through past traumas. She is motivated to work with and advocate for young people and support their families. In her spare time she enjoys walking and training her puppies, being out in nature, doing yoga and meditation, and reading.

Amy is now operating solely through Telehealth appointments.

Molly Knight (She/Her)

Provisional Psychologist

Molly is with us on placement for the next six months. She is working towards becoming an Educational and Developmental Psychologist (like our director Allison Haynes) once she is registered.

Molly has been working in the wonderful area of adolescence and young adulthood for many years and has focused her research and practice on the psychological changes occurring during developmental stages right across the lifespan. As a Provisional Psychologist currently completing a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology at QUT, Molly has worked extensively with families and children with behavioural struggles, transgender exploration and identity formation, anxiety and relationship concerns, and has a special interest in Autism and the assessment of female and non-binary presentations in adolescents and adults. Molly's previous work on the psychological symptoms of peri-menopause was presented at the Australasian Human Development Seminar in 2020, and her current research is focused on exploring the experience of Autistic parents and its impact on attachment.

Molly’s therapeutic style revolves around providing a warm, accepting and inclusive environment for the safe exploration of identity and the gentle process of change. The approach she takes to psychotherapy is a discovery-oriented process; client and therapist working together in a non-cookie cutter search for what works for that unique person in the room.

Kirsty (She/Her)

Provisional Psychologist

Kirsty is a Provisional Psychologist who has an area of interest in working with children and adolescents with complex needs. Kirsty’s passion for the development, education, and welfare of children stems from personal experiences and almost two decades of tertiary study, research, and training as well as previous roles as a support worker and teacher. During this time Kirsty has focused on the development and education of children in the early years, particularly of children with learning and developmental disorders. Kirsty continues to expand her knowledge in this field by undertaking further tertiary studies and research in the fields of both Psychology and Education with a particular focus on Autism, Complex Behaviours, and Social Media.

Tarryn (She/Her)


Tarryn is a Psychologist. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Honours at the University of Queensland.

She is passionate in working with neurodivergent children, as she has experienced first-hand the positive difference therapies can have on an individual.

She hopes to make the same positive impact to children and their families at Left of Centre.

Lulu (She/Her)


Lulu is a Psychologist who recently completed her Master of Clinical Psychology degree from the University of Queensland. As a proud member of both the ND and LGBTQIA+ communities, Lulu brings a unique and understanding approach to her work.

Lulu is passionate about diversity and inclusivity, and loves working with individuals from ND, LGBTQIA+, polyamorous/ENM, and kink/BDSM communities. Lulu has experience working with adults and young people who are facing challenges such as anxiety, burn-out, and life transitions. She employs a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, and attachment-based approaches in her therapy sessions.
Lulu has a deep love for animals, and is currently training her border collie Rosa with the goal of integrating animal-assisted therapy into her work.

In addition to therapy, Lulu is experienced in providing affirming and validating cognitive and neurodevelopmental assessments. Lulu primarily works from the Albany Creek clinic on Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri, and also offers telehealth sessions.

Belinda (She/Her)


Belinda is a Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies with a particular interest in working with young children and their families, as well as adults seeking neurodiversity affirming support. She prioritises a client centred and strength based perspective in recognising, supporting, and understanding individual differences.

She has an early childhood education background and uses play therapeutically in her clinical practice with children. Belinda is a passionate advocate for play in early childhood settings contributing to research in this field. She has developed her own virtual therapy room, designed to engage, and support her young clients when working with them remotely.

Belinda has experience in the assessment and diagnostic process for specific learning disabilities (SLD), neuro developmental conditions (autism and ADHD), developmental trauma, depression, and anxiety. She is available for Mini ND assessments via Telehealth.

Belinda works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, operating solely through Telehealth appointments.

Dustin (He/Him)

Provisional Psychologist

Dustin is a Provisional Psychologist currently completing his internship at Left of

Dustin originally started his degree in psychology in the US in 1999, but due to “life happens”, wound up in Australia working in both the hydraulic and automotive industries, and obtaining degrees in Ancient History. Dustin’s main interest in neurodivergence and its adaptations and presentations however found him coming back to psychology, and obtaining his Bachelor of Psychological Science and Honours in Psychology. His thesis was on humour, memes, and coping with COVID-19, and had an article related to his research published in the Work-Life Balance Bulletin of the Brittish Psychological Society in 2020.

Dustin works from a client-centric approach, believing that the client is the expert on their difficulties. He works across the lifespan, but has particular interest in adolescents and young adults (apprx 12-25yo). Dustin has a particular interest in Autism, anxiety issues, and PTSD. He draws from across different modes of practice (I.e. schema, CBT, ACT, play therapy, etc) to assist a client with their desired needs in working towards their goal from therapy.

Dustin’s favourite modality is Geek Therapy, which uses the psychology of geek culture (I.e. video games, comic books, movies, tv, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.) to help understand a situation or issue more easily. He also would like to run therapeutic D&D games focusing on improving social skills and working on anxieties in the future.

He is a big fan of classic cars, Marvel comics, D&D and both board and video games. He spends his free time working on cars, watching things with his wife, or playing games.

Dustin works Monday/Friday at our Caboolture office, Tuesday/Wednesday at Albany Creek, or any of these days via Zoom appointments.

Caity (She/Her)

Provisional Psychologist

Caity is a Provisional Psychologist at Left of Centre. She has recently graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor in Psychology (Honours), with her research focusing on mind-body connection and health behaviours in young adults. She has prior experience working as a Residential Youth Worker, Mental Health Support Worker and NDIS Support Coordinator.

Caity is now completing her internship at LOC. She enjoys working with people across the lifespan and has a particular interest in supporting adolescents and young adults, particularly with anxiety, eating disorders, identity exploration and life transitions. Caity uses an eclectic approach, where the clients’ goals and voice are central to the therapy process.

Caity works on Monday/Tuesday via telehealth only, and Wednesday/Thursday in clinic or via telehealth.

Lisa (She/Her)


Lisa is a Psychologist who completed her doctoral training at Flinders University, SA in 2017. Prior to this she also worked in the NHS(UK) and studied her Bachelors and Masters at Cardiff and Exeter Universities (UK), respectively. She has identified as an autistic/ADHDer since 2020 and feels that since receiving her autism diagnosis she has a renewed passion and focus for her work as a psychologist. Personally finding the experience of assessment very therapeutic and guiding her life in a positive direction she hopes to bring the same to the clients she works with. Lisa's special interests include music- she sings Bass in a female barbershop chorus, musical theatre, and road cycling.

She is located in South Australia and available for telehealth appointments on a Monday only.

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