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Our Story

At LOC we respect the rights and dignity of all peoples. We provide a client-centered approach to ensure that neurodivergent persons have their rights and dignity respected. 


The values of LOC include providing trustworthy support and quality services. To provide fair, consistent, and affordable fees to every single client no matter their race, orientation, religion, or social status. To make available quality services and products that benefit our client and community.
The team at LOC  values our clients in terms of integrity, fairness, transparency, and professionalism. It is important to us that our team shows innovation, hard work, creativity, and the willingness to learn and grown.  In turn, we support our staff in ensuring they have work life balance. 


Our mission is to provide support for neurodivergent persons.  LOC  is dedicated to supporting those within the neurodivergent community with psychological services,
allied health services and any other service that supports a neurodivergent person’s to become their authentic self,
any mental health needs and advocacy skills.
LOC also provides supervision, training, workshop,
professional development to other professionals.  

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