Autism & ADHD Psychology Training and Workshops

Left of Centre has conducted extra training in supporting individuals with developmental conditions, from early childhood well into adulthood. In addition to our therapy, NDIS and supervision services, we also offer training and workshops for those interested in autism and ADHD psychology.


Our autism psychology training online and in Caboolture

Left of Centre offers autism psychology training near Brisbane, in Caboolture, as well as online. These workshops and training courses equip you with a solid understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the varying ways in which it can manifest. Autism is an often-misunderstood condition, with our autism psychology workshops, both online and in-person, helping to correct some of these perceptions.


Our autism psychology workshops in Caboolture or online are ideal for budding professionals wishing to improve their understanding of the disorder. These workshops can also be a sound option for individuals wanting to learn more about autism in order to provide greater support to a loved one who is on the spectrum.


Whatever your reasons, reach out to Left of Centre to discuss our available autism psychology workshops near Brisbane. We’ll be able to guide you towards the most appropriate learning pathway, as well as provide information on our other professional development pathways.


Our ADHD psychology training online and in Caboolture

ADHD is typically diagnosed in childhood, and continues to affect people throughout their lives. If you are looking to learn more about ADHD in a professional setting or in order to support a loved one with ADHD, consider our ADHD psychology workshops near Brisbane.


Our ADHD psychology workshops, online and in-person, equip you with the skills necessary to support individuals who display a limited attention span, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. You’ll learn about the importance of a support group and the positive effects of cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling psychology, psychoeducation and family therapy on the symptoms of ADHD. This allows you to better support individuals in your life who have ADHD, or to enter the field as an ADHD psychology specialist yourself. You’ll also learn how to bring out the strengths in an individual who experiences ADHD, such as their creativity and energetic nature.


Reach out to our friendly team today to find out more about our ADHD psychology workshops at our Caboolture, Brisbane clinic, or to find out which training programs can be conducted online.