Celebrating Diversity




Allison is the owner of Left of Centre. When her children were diagnosed with autism, she was dismayed at the lack of services available to support her them. This motivated her to enrol in psychology with the dream to build a service that sees Autistic individuals, and now any person who identifies as Neurodivergent, valued, supported and seen. Left of Centre is the culmination of this dream.

Allison is and Educational and Developmental Psychologist and is also a board approved supervisor. She currently does not see clients directly, rather provides supervision, education and support to her team of psychologists at Left of Centre, and others around the country. Her passion lies with education and support using the Neurodiverse Affirmative Paradigm. Her belief is that Neurodivergence is not a disorder, rather a natural variation of the human species, and as such, do not expect or hope for her clients and the clients of Left of Centre to become neurotypical.


Gabrielle (Gabby) is a Psychologist and director at Left of Centre. 

Gabby has lived experience of being a mother to neurodivergent children. This developed her interest in working with neurodivergent clients in a clinical setting.  Gabby is passionate about supporting neurodivergent clients and their families.  Gabby practices from a client centred, strength-based approach. 


Gabby has an interest in working with a range of presentations. Gabby also has an interest in adult assessment. Gabby has an interest in providing parental support after diagnosis. 


She recently had her thesis published on the effect of exercise on depression and anxiety. 


Amy Foley is a Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies.


Haylea Hodges is a Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies.

Sonja image.png

Sonja Dawson is a Psychologist. Sonja grew up in Germany however is originally from Polish background. Sonja can provide therapy in German if preferred. Prior to being a Psychologist, Sonja worked across multiple countries with children as a Nanny/ Governess, Teacher Aide, Outside School Hours Care Educator and an Out of Home Residential Youth Care worker. Sonja also worked as a Disability Support Worker with adults. 


Sonja is currently only available on Wednesday mornings.


Sandra Lariviére is a Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies.



Provisional Psychologists are psychologists in training. 


Tarryn is a provisionally registered psychologist and is completing her internship. She recently completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Honours at the University of Queensland.


She is passionate in working with neurodivergent children, as she has experienced first-hand the positive difference therapies can have on an individual.


She hopes to make the same positive impact to children and their families at Left of Centre. 


Shannon is a provisionally registered psychologist who works with a range of mental health concerns. She enjoys supporting clients to overcome challenges, improve relationships, and live a life of meaning and purpose. She is a warm and compassionate practitioner, with a focus on the client-therapist relationship as the basis for all therapeutic work.

Shannon enjoys working with adolescents and young adults as they navigate the significant life changes that occur during this period of development. She is particularly interested in working with LGBTIQIA+ individuals and recognises the unique challenges faced by members of this community.

Shannon practices from a client-centred framework and utilises techniques and strategies from a variety of therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Play Therapy.

Shannon also enjoys the nerdier things in life and spends her free time playing video games, watching anime, and table top roleplaying. She is dedicated to personalising client’s therapy experience by incorporating their passions into therapeutic work.


Qualifications/Industry Associations:

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) – USC 2019

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours) – USC 2020

Associate Member of Australian Psychological Society (APS)


Kirsty is a Provisional Psychologist who has an area of interest in working with children and adolescents with complex needs.  Kirsty’s passion for the development, education, and welfare of children stems from personal experiences and almost two decades of tertiary study, research, and training as well as previous roles as a support worker and teacher.  During this time Kirsty has focused on the development and education of children in the early years, particularly of children with learning and developmental disorders.  Kirsty continues to expand her knowledge in this field by undertaking further tertiary studies and research in the fields of both Psychology and Education with a particular focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Complex Behaviours, and Social Media.


Lulu has her provisional registration and is studying a Masters in Clinical Psychology at UQ. She has completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with honours at UQ. Her research focused on mental health and disordered eating in adolescents. 

Lulu has extensive experience with neurodiverse children and adults after working as a support worker for a number of years. She is passionate about diversity and inclusivity, and particularly suits supporting individuals that identify as part of the ND, LGBTQIA+, polyamorous/ENM and kink/BDSM communities who are seeking a supportive, knowledgeable and non-judgemental therapist.


In her spare time, Lulu enjoys playing with her border collie Rosa (soon to be a therapy dog!), painting and photography.

Lulu currently has availability on Wednesdays.   


Belinda is a Provisional Psychologist at Left of Centre Therapies. Belinda achieved her Graduate Diploma in Behavioural Science (Psychology) at Queensland University of Technology in 2017. She is currently a provisional psychologist, completing the Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) at Queensland University of Technology.
Belinda completed her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Macquarie University, Sydney in 1994 and has worked as a Pre-School and Primary School teacher in
Australia and the U.K.

Belinda is a passionate advocate for neurodivergent learners in the education system and aims to support children and their families, as well  as teachers, in navigating this new paradigm. She  strongly believes that without well-being there is  no learning. Therefore a child’s social and  emotional needs take precedence over academic  rigour. She encompasses a systems approach to  working with children maintaining that a team  approach with shared goals is the gold standard  intervention model. 

During supervised practice Belinda has gained extensive experience in the assessment and  diagnostic process for specific learning disabilities (SLD) for children and adults. She has  experience with presentations consistent with developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, and  neuro-developmental conditions. Belinda has experience working with individuals and their  families right across the life-span and has lived experience of neuro-divergency.