Celebrating Diversity



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BA, PostGradDipPsych, MProfPsych

Amy is a psychologist who works with all age ranges. If you're a parent who struggles with your child's complex behaviours such as their difficulties eating, sleeping or just with understanding how your child sees the world, Amy will work with you to develop the skills to help you become the parent you thought you'd be.


Raising a child who has difficulties with social interactions, communicating or adjusting the 'social norms' can be challenging, we understand!  Amy is particularly good in supporting parents that feel the regular parenting stuff just doesn't cut it. Feel like you've tried everything and nothing seems to be working? Amy doesn't have a magic wand but she can help you figure out what's going "wrong."


You don't have to manage on your own. Amy's unique skill sets allow her to work with children and adults as a family or individually. If your child has been diagnosed with autism or you find yourself constantly battling your child to get dressed, eat certain foods, or interacting in schools, Amy is the clinician you should work with.


Learn ways to manage your child's behavioural response in social situations, educational settings and even while you're at home. To do this, Amy uses a variety of therapy models such as CBT, ACT and Mindfulness to help you and your child reduce stressors and day to day anxiety. 


Ask our team to book in with Amy if you're seeking assessments for 

  • Autism (ASD)

  • hyperactivity or inattentive behaviours (ADHD)

  • and educational and learning disabilities


Our psychologists are experienced, fully trained and very passionate about their work.



MPsych(Ed&Dev), Grad Dip (Psych), BSci (HONS Immunol)

Allison is the principal psychologist here at LOC.


While clinically, she works with a wide range of clients, we'd like you to know this about her:


She is a board-approved supervisor.  Allison has created this practice as an educational platform for provisionally registered clinicians and NDIS support workers.  She has created LOC with a focus on ensuring that diversity is embraced, lived and prosperous.


Allison's fundamental focus on neurodiversity attracts clinicians, referral sources and clients who are tired of society putting them in a box. (closet?)


The practice LOC is LGBTQIA+ and Kink/BDSM friendly.


Allisons team are trained to work with anyone who identifies with neurodiversity, gender identification and ASD, ADHD, learning difficulties or educational developmental delays.


If you wish to work with Allison, we ask that you recognise you will also work with a provisional psychologist who will be your primary clinician.  This is due to the demand of referrals as well as Allison's vision for the practice in which she has developed as an educational platform for clinicians who are training to become psychologists.  


Allison is available for workshops, conferences and professional development for schools and psych and other allied health professionals.




Provisional Psychologists are psychologists in training. 

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Provisional Psychologist

Tarryn currently holds her provisional registration and is studying her Masters in Professional Psychology at the University of New England. She recently completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Honours at the University of Queensland.


Tarryn is also currently employed as a disability Support Worker and loves working with children and families, specifically who have been impacted by a disability. She is passionate in working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as she has experienced first-hand the positive difference therapies can have on an individual, as her brother was diagnosed with ASD.


She hopes to make the same positive impact to children and their families at Left of Centre Therapies. 


Gabrielle is registered as a provisional psychologist.


She has recently completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at Central Queensland University.


She has experience working with children and experience working as a mental health support worker. Working in these roles has developed her interest in working with neurodiversity.  She recently completed her thesis on the effect of exercise on depression and anxiety.

Provisional Psychologist


Provisional Psychologist

Gemma Jones is a Provisional Psych at Left of Centre Therapies.


Provisional Psychologist

Penny Travis is a Provisional Psych at Left of Centre Therapies.


Provisional Psychologist

Sandra Lariviére is a Provisional Psych at Left of Centre Therapies.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists help patients struggling with occupations in life.

Support Workers

Support Workers help those in need with day to day tasks.


Finnian is a young autistic man in his third year of a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). He has a strong passion for working with his autistic peers and loves to support them in needs surrounding education/occupation, relationships and skill development.

Finnian has a particular interest in working with:

  • LGBT+ people

  • people with complex mental health

  • people going through transitional phases (such as leaving high school).

In his spare time Finnian enjoys painting, watching hippo videos, and cuddling his pet cat.

As Finnian has impaired mobility, he’s unfortunately unable to provide support with physical activities. 

Support Worker


Support Worker

Lyla is an NDIS support worker who works with children and adolescents ages 9-12.  Most of the children who work with Lyla have been identified by the school or the GP to have some academic performance issues, difficulties focussing or appear to be absent-minded.


Obsessive behaviours about a specific topic, disorganisation and low tolerance for changes in routine are a few day to day qualities you may be experiencing with your child.  


Lyla's 24 years of experience in the school setting and working with children provides her with the knowledge of the ins and outs of the bureaucracy of the school setting.  Which lucky for you means she can help you navigate certain aspects with ease.

If you're seeking to help your child increase their ability to focus and/or decrease their excitability, aggression, irritability or impulsivity Lyla is  your ideal support worker.


Support Worker

Melissa Heard is a Support Worker at Left of Centre Therapies.


Support Worker

Melissa Maddox is a Support Worker at Left of Centre Therapies.


Support Worker

Jack Morrissy is a Support Worker at Left of Centre Therapies.


Our admin team are who you'll meet when you walk in the door or pick up the phone.


Paula is one of the administrative support staff for the practice. She has previously worked for Education Queensland as a primary school teacher as well as in administration roles in the private sector. She is mum to three great young people with diverse needs and a strong LGBTQI+ ally. She loves working with all our clients and families, getting to know them, and helping to make visits to the clinic easy and friendly.




Dani Burns is an Administrator at Left of Centre Therapies.



Chris Morrissy is an Administrator at Left of Centre Therapies.

Other Roles

At LoC Therapies, there are other roles that are filled in too. If the other categories are missing someone, they might be here.

Rob Fleming


Rob holds a Diploma in Kinesiology, is a second degree Reiki practitioner and also a support worker for people on the NDIS.

Rob has been a qualified Reiki practitioner for 6 years, Kinesiologist for three years and a support worker for one year. His clients in all these disciplines have tended to be from the neurodiverse community but not exclusively so.

Rob works with his clients to find traumas and stressors in the person’s life that are creating distress. Together they find ways to diffuse the situation.
These stressors can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and the diffusion techniques are tailored to the client and the situation on the day.