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Support Workers

Support Workers help those in need with day to day tasks.



Nicola is the Support Manager managing the Support Worker arm. . Nicola is qualified Counsellor with seven years’ experience across the mental health and child protection industries. She has a vast knowledge base with an area of interest in trauma, childhood development, domestic and family violence, attachment, and neuroscience. She is a registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator, with this program having a strong focus on attachment and bonding. She has over ten years’ experience in managing and supporting staff ranging from small to large sized teams.



Lyla is an NDIS support worker who works with children and adolescents ages 9-12. Most of the children who work with Lyla have been identified by the school or the GP to have some academic performance issues, difficulties focussing or appear to be absent-minded.

Obsessive behaviours about a specific topic, disorganisation and low tolerance for changes in routine are a few day to day qualities you may be experiencing with your child.

Lyla's 24 years of experience in the school setting and working with children provides her with the knowledge of the ins and outs of the bureaucracy of the school setting. Which lucky for you means she can help you navigate certain aspects with ease.

If you're seeking to help your child increase their ability to focus and/or decrease their excitability, aggression, irritability or impulsivity Lyla is your ideal support worker.

Cayson (he/they)




Annick is a Support Worker.